Holy Orders is  a special gift of God offered to men whom He has set apart and called to be priests.

A Priest, even from Old Testament times, is the one who offers Sacrifice.

Today God calls men--even from before the time they were conceived--to serve His Church as Priests, to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Catholic Church, the Mass.

In the Mass, priests follow Jesus, the High Priest, directly.  They offer the True Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, for us all to receive, even as Mary received the Holy Body of Jesus from Altar of the Cross into her arms, even as the Apostles received Jesus' Body and Blood at the Last Supper.  

Every ordained man receives the most high calling of leading the Church in authentic Christian Worship, offering anew the one saving Sacrifice of Christ in His Blood, which nourishes, protects, and sustains our souls in our spiritual battle for heaven.  

Pray daily for your priests!

And pray always:

Lord, help me to want to be

what YOU want me to be.

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